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Located at Hotel Normandie, St. Anns, the studio is a spacious, fully equipped Pilates studio offering authentic Pilates classes in both matwork and machine work.


We run group classes which are small (maximum 5 participants) with close attention paid to form and alignment while delivering a full body workout.
All classes need to be pre-booked.


We also offer bespoke private sessions specific to the exact needs of the client.


There is on-site parking, at the Hotel Normandie car park. 

Pilates Trinidad

Madeleine Miller

Madeleine Miller

Madeleine began practising Pilates in 1997 in London while she was working in Emerging Market trading and it immediately made sense to her. Seeing the changes to her body and enjoying the ability to move freely and safely, she trained with Body Control Pilates in Matwork in 2005. She went on to complete training on all the Pilates machines and, finally, Studio Certification with Body Control Pilates.


In 2011 Madeleine moved back to Trinidad and opened the first comprehensive Pilates studio on the island. Alongside her regular classes, she has helped clients with body imbalances, injuries and spinal damage and has done further training in Pilates for Scoliosis. She has also qualified in Body Control Pilates for Golfers as well as Pilates for Runners and teaches sport-specific exercise classes. 

Madeleine trained as a Balanced Body Faculty member in February 2016 and is very excited to be able to offer teacher training courses at her studio in Port of Spain.

Pilates Trinidad, Tower

Pilates focuses on aligning and balancing the body. By strengthening the core stabilising muscles it encourages the mobilising muscles to lengthen so that each muscle group can carry out its correct function. Pilates promotes good posture, strength and tone and is used extensively for rehabilitation after injury.


Joseph Pilates (1880 - 1967) dedicated his life to the pursuit of physical fitness.

A body-builder, gymnast and professional boxer, he went on to create an exercise system he called 'Contrology' to rehabilitate disabled servicemen during WWI using specially designed apparatus. These machines were the prototypes for the machines we use today in Pilates.


Pilates equipment, Trinidad

It is testament to Pilates' popularity and effectiveness that a following has grown and spread throughout the world.

Joseph Pilates preached an holistic approach to general health incorporating good nutrition, physical exercise and mental health.


By focusing the mind while exercising we are able to develop body awareness as well as creating a strong support structure for the spine and body.


The Body Control Pilates system works with the individual to gradually increase their strength and mobility using the most appropriate method for the client.


The Eight Basic Principles

Flowing Movement
8 Basic Principles
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