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The Magic of the Minimum Dose - Homeopathy.

Homeopathy comes from the Greek word meaning 'similar suffering' and works on the basis that 'like cures like'.

A substance given to a healthy person may cause them to show certain symptoms (this is how homeopathic remedies are 'proved'). That same substance when given in highly diluted and potentized form to a patient suffering with these symptoms will encourage the body to react and overpower the symptoms.

Each body possesses the ability to heal itself. At times the body can become stuck in a state of ill health and the homeopathic remedy should stimulate the body to produce a healing reaction thereby restoring balance and health.

Ideally one low potency dose will bring about cure, but this is rarely the case with our modern lifestyle and coping strategies.

A remedy works on imbalances of an emotional, physical or mental level and we aim to bring about balance on every level.

Remedies can be derived from plant, animal, mineral as well as more esoteric materials - it is not 'herbal medicine'.

As a homeopath I do not and cannot diagnose diseases. Homeopathy treats the person and not the disease - we treat the total symptom picture which presents itself.

For example, flu does not present the same symptoms in each person - the cough, discharges, headache and how we find relief will be different in every case and so there is no one remedy attached to an illness.

When I had dengue fever I treated each symptom as it presented - fever (Belladona), headache (Bryonia), bone pain (Eupatorium perfoliatum and Rhododendron) and the symptoms quickly passed. And, of course, rest is vital. We are very quick to take a pill so that we can keep going through our dis-ease...

In my practice I have found homeopathy to be super effective in treating children. They respond quickly and their symptoms are clearly expressed.

Women's issues are another area where I have found homeopathy to excel and homeopathic kits are often used successfully during childbirth.

As a complementary therapy, it is a safe and gentle form of treatment and will not interfere with medically prescribed drugs.

If you would like to find out more about homeopathy, here are some accessible books to get you started!

Magic of the Minimum Dose - Dorothy Shepherd

A Physician's Posy - Dorothy Shepherd

Homeopathy, Medicine of the New Man - George Vithoulkas

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